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January 3, 2019  

Hjalmar Falk | Katechontism: Carl Schmitt & the Politics of Eschaton

January 3, 2019

This episode is a talk by dr. Hjalmar Falk centered around the infamous German jurist, Carl Schmitt and his conception of political theology, with a particular focus on its implications for the philosophy of history. Central to Schmitt’s thought is the claim that all modern political concepts are secularized theological concepts, a relationship he identified not only between the miracle and the sovereign exception, but also between salvation history and the belief in progress found in modern philosophy of history. This talk will focus on Schmitt’s interpretation of the obscure Pauline figure of the katechon and what his use of this Biblical myth can tell us about Schmittian theory in particular and modern apocalyptic political thought in general.

Hjalmar Falk is a researcher at the Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion (University of Gothenburg).

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