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January 28, 2019  

Hans Ruin | Heidegger & the Reinvention of Paulinism

January 28, 2019

In this third episode of the ongoing series on Heidegger and Theology, Hans Ruin (Professor of Philosophy at Södertörn University) discusses Heidegger's interest in early Christianity and St. Paul. 

The abstract to Ruin's presentation in full: 

"I will discuss the idea of a supposedly ‘original Christian’ religious experience as it is developed in Heidegger’s seminal interpretations of Paul in the early 1920’s. In particular, I shall focus on how the problem of tradition and inheritance is thematized in this encounter; the notion of a tradition that is at once cancelled and reinvented in and through this very cancellation. Through Paul and his notion of a ‘destruction’ of tradition, Heidegger finds his own philosophical voice in an early Jewish messianic critique of history. This is one of the partly ‘hidden’ sources of his thinking, that need to be rethought anew in relation to the Black Notebooks and their understanding of Christianity, Judaism and the question of religion generally." 

This presentation can found in a revised version, in the anthology Heidegger's Black Notebooks and the Future of Theology, edited by dr. Mårten Björk and prof. Jayne Svenungsson. 


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